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We provide fully vetted, cash-flowing investment opportunities to the individual investor community.

Our Focus

There Are Thousands Of Passive Investment Choices To Consider. Sifting Through Various Operator Deals And Due-Diligence Can Be A Daunting Task. We Provide Our Clients With Pre-Vetted L.P. Investment Opportunities.

We work with highly experienced operators with a proven track record of performance

We assist busy professionals to add income-producing real estate to their investment portfolio. Our focus is on large, value-add multifamily real estate projects. As a Registered Representative under Phase One Financial Services, LLC (member FINRA/SIPC), we work directly with experienced operators that have a consistent, proven track record. The operators acquire cash-flowing assets and add value by renovating the individual units and/or repurposing common spaces resulting in increased value. We utilize a 3rd party, independent analyst to assist in the due diligence review of the financials and business plan of the project. Competitive market analysis and physical site visits are performed to assist in an overall analysis of the project. These investments generally range from 3-5 yrs hold time. The projects have planned monthly or quarterly payouts, many with a target return of 2X the original investment. We provide email notifications for upcoming projects to learn more about these opportunities.
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WHY invest in commercial real estate?

With so many benefits to the investor, Investing in Commercial Real Estate is one of the safest investment vehicles.
Build wealth through
passive investing
These assets cash-flow on a monthly or quarterly basis. As the asset is professionally managed and rent-stabilized, shortly after the project's launch, investors will receive monthly or quarterly distributions until the sale of the asset.
compelling investor
Most projects target an initial return at about 7-10% and have an IRR of approx. 20% or a 2X multiple. In general, for a $100K investment, the target return in 3-5 years would be $200K.
tax advantaged income stream
As a partial owner of a physical asset, you will share the passive loss from depreciation in the form of a K1. This may shelter or lessen your gains on your taxes. Further tax advantages are available at the asset's sale as the funds can be rolled via 1031.

We're not pitching deals - we are sharing our investments

Syndicators will promote and possibly advertise their deal depending on if it is a 506C or 506B offering under REG-D. They are committed to a location, a particular market, and the asset.
We strive to partner with a number of operators in different markets that have proven success in that market. Our group invests alongside our clients. As a Broker-Dealer, we do not advertise our sponsor's projects these are shared only with our investor network.
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Below are some of our recently funded projects. Contact us for any questions.

Solano Vista Apt.

Phoenix, AZ 85301

Year Built:


Unit Count:



B Asset Class


Mid-Michigan Fund


Fund Approach:


Unit Count:


Project Hold Period:

3-5 Years


Experienced Operator Partners
Our network of operators continues to grow. We only work with experienced teams with a proven track record of success. This gives us strong portfolio access to most major growth markets and gives our investors more choices for investment suitability.
Project Expertise - Reduce Your Risk
Every acquisition is unique yet the strategy to bring value to that project and the shareholders remains consistent. For most operators, working with rent-stabilized, high-demand assets that are already generating a return reduces risks. Real Estate Project Fundamentals
Strong Investor Returns - Choose Your Returns
Investors have the choice for preferred returns that may range up to 10% for the life of the project or a 7-9% preferred return with an equity payout at sale for up to 20%IRR. Learn a Passive Real Estate Investing.

smart investments begin with great partnerships

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Investing Involves Risk, Including Loss Of Principal. Past Performance Does Not Guarantee Or Indicate Future Results. Any Historical Returns, Expected Returns, Or Probability Projections May Not Reflect Actual Future Performance. While The Data We Use From Third Parties Is Believed To Be Reliable, We Cannot Ensure The Accuracy Or Completeness Of Data Provided By Investors Or Other Third Parties. Neither Anthem Investing Nor Any Of Its Affiliates Provide Tax Advice And Do Not Represent In Any Manner That The Outcomes Described Herein Will Result In Any Particular Tax Consequence. Prospective Investors Should Consult With A Tax Or Legal Adviser Before Making Any Investment Decision.
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