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We provide fully vetted, cash-flowing investment opportunities to the individual investor community.
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There are thousands of Passive investment choices to consider. Sifting through various operator deals and due-diligence can be a daunting task. We provide our clients with pre-vetted L.P. investment opportunities.

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joe archbold

As an owner-operator of my own commercial real estate, Managing nine buildings with a rent roll of more than $350,000 annually, I know firsthand how active investing can consume a great deal of time. Although I have a network of people to repair/ replace/renovate issues at my properties, I am still involved in determining how to maintain the properties while keeping the tenant satisfied. That said, the strong returns, as well as the tax advantages, make real estate an attractive addition to your investment portfolio.

Anthem Investing was formed to participate in large multifamily investments. To be successful in large multifamily, you need a strong team, an attractive market, and the right deal or project. It would be a significant undertaking to develop this especially remotely. So in my efforts to bring this together, I connected with a group that has already built this. Now we have a network of strong operators, in some of the best markets, with high-value expertise in adding value to the deal. Many investors are not aware of the potential gains that can be achieved as a limited partner. Through passive investing (limited partnership), an investor can add income-producing commercial real estate to their portfolio without the need to be hands-on.

My goal with Anthem is to help investors. This is an exciting asset-backed alternative to other investment choices.

Allow Anthem to review with you some of these well-structured projects to determine how they may fit your overall investment strategy.
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